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WeightLossExercisePrograms.com has established this Privacy Policy to ensure that our visitors are comfortable in visiting our site. We will occasionally update this Privacy Policy as circumstances dictate. WeightLossExercisePrograms.com does not currently collect any personal information from visitors. WeightLossExercisePrograms.com strives to maintain compliance with the CANSPAM Act and never sends any unsolicited bulk email.

We do not ask that you sign on or register in order to use this site. You may notice that links to outside websites are available as part of the functionality of WeightLossExercisePrograms.com. When clicking on those links, a "cookie" is sometimes set on your computer so that tracking information is available to the outside site, which will identify that your session there is a logical continuation from the session here. Personal information is not stored at that time. However, while you are visiting the destination site, you may be asked to voluntarily provide some personal information. WeightLossExercisePrograms.com does not have access to the information that you provide to external sites, and if interested, you should consult the privacy policy of those sites in order to determine if you wish to provide any personal information. To the best of our knowledge, we do not link to any unreputable sites.

WeightLossExercisePrograms.com wants to ensure that our Privacy Policy meets the needs of our visitors. If you feel that this Privacy Policy is inaccurate, misleading, or needs improvement in any way, please Contact Us at admin@WeightLossExercisePrograms.com.

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